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Mental Foreplay

Sure, a sexy, hot romp is wonderful, but equally important is the foreplay that sparks the event. Have you ever sent your lover a hot message? I’m not talking about “Hey I like your ass” or “show me your body”. Moreover, a novel isn’t always necessary either but rather a confession of a secret fantasy you want to act upon with that person! Strewn with all sorts of naughty innuendos and scenarios, items of sexual pleasure, etc. as for me, I like to label this as ‘Mental Foreplay’.

Mental foreplay is not only a way to excite but more importantly, a way to keep you on your lovers mind all day! Your partner will frequently refer back to your writing and reward your creativity in ways you’ve only dreamt of. Awe inspiring sex is almost always the culmination of the fun and naughty mental foreplay exchanged. More specifically, spectacular sex is a healthy balance of titillating both the mind and body.

Step up the mental foreplay and consequently, the sex will benefit! Whether it’s simple or elaborate is not what’s most important. In addition to it being verbal, the mental foreplay should also be visual. For instance, a picture or a link to that sexy new toy on the market. A quick screenshot of the Ferri panty vibrator description will most likely garnish a strong reaction! Want to step up the seduction? Buy the toy and let him or her know it’s waiting for them. I get it, it’s not always easy to be as open as you would like to be with your partner.

Some of us are more reserved and need a little push out of that nice cozy comfort zone. Ice breaker alert! Tantric sex cards are a game changer for sure. A simple deck of cards with the power to create an intense state of euphoria! filled with intimate questions to encourage a strong healthy mood and emotional connection between lovers. Randomly send a text pic of a card to your partner and wait for their response to the question or situation depicted on the card. I guarantee the recipient of that text will be looking for ways to leave work early that day to get to you!

Mental foreplay is a very hot way to spice up the day. Give it a try.