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Sex toy shop now open! female owned

People of all ages and all social backgrounds are changing their views and attitudes when it comes to adult sex toy shops. The stigma is becoming a thing of the past for the most part. If I was asked even ten years ago if I would be open to owning a sex toy shop, I would have laughed it off. Moreover, the mention of a butt plug or a cock ring would have caused an instant blush to my face. Why a sex toy shop? Well, truthfully, I simply read an article on the enormous effect the pandemic had on the sex toy industry. I instantly became intrigued. More and more women are jumping out of their comfort zone and opening female owned business, so I did just that!

Sex toy shops are here to stay and are gaining acceptance! The pandemic jump started a new sexual revolution. The sale of sex toys to soared. Suddenly the deprivation of human touch sent people looking for ways to have a little fun with their alone time. In addition, others were opting for a dildo or a stroker  at a time when it was considered a health hazard to hook up. For those who had a partner, they now had some extra time to explore and experiment. Let’s face it, sex is a stressbuster. In the midst of a trying time, there was this bright spot across the globe of people becoming more in touch w their sexuality.

My eyes were opened and my mind on fire and I quickly became sold on the idea! The excitement took over. I began learning what people wanted and why they wanted it. Quickly, I realized of the need for healthy toys and products that promoted wellness. It became abundantly clear that there was a huge desire to treat sexual dysfunction without relying on medications. Sex toys offer a new and different way to stimulate yourself or your partner. It’s important to note that sex toys are not a cure or treatment for sexual dysfunction. Adult toys do however offer an alternative way to be able to experience arousal and pleasure alone or with a partner.

A great deal of research went into opening my store. I’m beaming with pride. In addition to being a female business owner, I also offer top quality products that are safe and healthy to use. I stock thousands of made in America products including Sliquid, JO, on, Doc Johnson and many others. The health and safety of the products is of huge importance to me.

There will be twists and turns in the industry. I will continue to work my butt off on my online adult sex toy shop. I will be filling the nightstand drawers of men and women with everything needed to help them live a life of complete sexual satisfaction for a very long time to come.