Toy W Me


The sexual revolution of the 1960’s paved the way for the entire sex toy industry to explode. The ‘pill’ was invented, the gay rights movement occurred and both women and men began to realize traditional, vanilla sex was getting a little stale. Along came the toys! Even before women began getting off with the help of the modern-day silicone vibrators and dildos, they found satisfaction with the innocent ‘back massagers‘ that were sold at the local department stores. Seriously, can you imagine the excitement of getting an appliance like THAT for Christmas? I guarantee most women weren’t thinking about how good it would feel on their shoulders! Around this time, Hitachi developed their own, ever popular back massager, which would go on to be the holy grail of vibrators! Meet the Magic Wand! For the next 5 decades the Magic Wand morphed until it could no longer be passed off as simply a back massager. Because of this stigma to the Hitachi corporation, they decided to cease production of the wand in 2012, so as to not be associated with the sex toy industry. Thankfully, a USA based manufacturer named Vibratex approached Hitachi and negotiated a sweet deal. Hitachi would resume manufacturing the Magic Wand, the Hitachi name would be omitted off of the product and Vibratex would become the exclusive distributor. Vibratex would soon realize they had just made the deal of the century!

Here we are in 2023 and the Magic Wand is still one of the top selling vibrators. This vibrator is truly legendary to say the least. The unrelenting power and durability make it one of the most sought-after toys when women want to get the job done. Whether you’re trying out the Magic Wand Rechargeable, Plus, Mini or the Original, you will have a difficult time wiping that the smile from your face…. enjoy!