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Edging Closer

When we’re getting down and dirty, we are all pretty much trying to obtain the same goal…an orgasm, and why not? It feels pretty fabulous right? When you’ve been with your partner for a while, it’s easy to get into a rut of sprinting to the finish line. Why not take it down a notch and enjoy the stroll.

An orgasm is arguably one of the most incredible feelings ever! What if I told you, that you could train yourself to make it feel even more intense? ‘Edging’, is the practice of bringing yourself or your partner right to the brink but resisting the urge to orgasm. Repeating this over and over until you finally allow yourself, and/or your partner, to climax. There’s something very hot about being denied what you both want, knowing of course you will eventually get ‘it’. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little playful teasing anyway? There are some health benefits to the practice of edging as well. Talk to your doctor about incorporating it to help with erectile disfunction. From the man’s perspective, the ‘start stop method’ is a great way to build stamina and increase arousal.

Whether you’re going solo or with a partner, edging allows you to heighten your focus on all those ‘make you wiggle’ feelings. You’ll be able to learn what your body needs to maximize the physical pleasure. Most importantly, in a world full of distractions, it encourages mindfulness in the bedroom.

Partners are encouraged to talk with each other about edging prior to trying it out. Listen and know what each other’s desires and expectations are so its satisfying for all. Ultimately, edging should make you more attuned to, and in control of your body. 

How do you do it? Oh, it’s so simple. First, incorporate the entire body. You can even slip some blindfolds on to create even more focus on the sense of touch. A feather tickler or a simple vibrator will give some added sensations to heat things up. Start by slowly stimulating a part of the body, paying close attention to your partners body movements and breathing. When he or she starts to get a little too turned on, dial it back for about 30 seconds or so until the urge to orgasm has passed. Then resume the teasing again. Do this over and over to each other until you are both ready. Ultimately, it should build, and you should both end with an incredible, awe-inspiring orgasm!

Sexual experimentation will not always yield the same results for everyone, and that’s ok. Relax, be playful, and just enjoy the moment you’re in!