Toy W Me

Naughty or Nice

When we were kids, being on the naughty list was NOT where we wanted to be, fast forward to adulthood and it’s become a goal! After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for many. Studies have shown that there is a major jump in internet searches for sex related topics this time of year. Many browser histories being deleted for sure! Adults are making their lists of toys for Santa to leave under the tree. Social gatherings, parties, weddings and engagements, paid time off. I’m swooning just thinking about it all! The flip side is that it can also be a time of great stress and anxiety, both of which are sex killers. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Prioritize intimate time with your partner and crank up the heat. Bringing in some dildos, vibrators, cock rings or other sex toys into the bedroom will maximize the excitement and get you right back to the festivities in no time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a quickie when you’re pressed for time, in fact, it can even make things a bit hotter. 

Not many people can resist being aroused when seeing his or her partner wearing a sexy red festive outfit or simply a pair of edible pasties. How bold are YOU feeling? Prop up your cell phone and record your (consensual) holiday romp. An X-rated movie starring you and your partner! Hang onto that for a time when you’re schedules just don’t line up and you have to go solo. 

Absolutely no time to be alone? Slip on a pair of Vibrating panties before the holiday party. The remote control allows your significant other to be discreetly, and in complete control of that smile on your face. 

Create a tropical oasis in the midst of a chilly evening. A sensual massage using Astoglide ‘Satisfy’ warming lube. Just the right mix of stimulation and lubrication all wrapped up with some extra warmth to get the senses aroused. A nice relaxing bath surrounded by the scents and pheromones of Big Flirt Tropical Tease Temptation bubble bath. A sensory experience that’s truly amazing.

If an orgasm is on your wish list this season, and really, why wouldn’t it be? Go the extra mile and make sure Santa brings you everything you desire.