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Slippery When Wet, a guide to lubes

Lubes and sex toys go hand and hand, because nobody likes friction! It hurts and it’s completely unnecessary. With all of the personnel lubrications on the market, choosing one can be an overwhelming task. I’m going to delve into this topic a bit and hopefully make that decision much easier. 

My first recommendation is for every guy or girl to find a good water-based lube to always have on hand. Yes, even the guys. Guys: 1. Your partner will appreciate that you thought of her or him. 2. If you don’t have a partner, well then I guess u can imagine why lube would be a benefit to you…it’s an undeniable asset for masturbation. A good everyday water-based lube is Arcwave by Pjur or Sliquid H20. Water based lubes are slippery and lightweight. They wash off easily and are perfect for some quick fun, alone or with a partner. Because many toys are made of Silicone, and Silicone destroys Silicone, you’re going to want to only use a water-based product w your toys. Water based lubes tend to be a bit slicker, so they are ideal for anal when a little extra ‘glide’ is necessary. 

Now when you’re counting on a longer, more of a marathon sex session, grab the bottle of Silicone based lube. Pjur Original Silicone or Sliquid Silver are both excellent choices. It’s not going to dry out quickly like the water based. Silicone based lubes will leave your skin feeling extra soft. One last recommendation for Silicone based lube is for when you’re playing in the water. Sex in the water is hot, but it strips a woman’s natural lubrications. Silicone is not going to wash away, and you shouldn’t need to keep reapplying it either. On a side note, both silicone and water-based lubes are condom compatible…it’s a win win!

Looking for something lickable? Try Doc Johnstons IE coconut & water hybrid lube. Be advised, any oil-based lube is not going to be condom compatible.

Lose the stigma that lubes are for old people and have fun with it. I promise you, it’s a game changer